Requirements for Renting

1What is the minimum age for renting a vehicle?
The minimum to rent a car with Eurocars Car Rentals is 21-24 years of age depending on car category and held license for a minimum of 1 year.
2What proof of identification (ID) / documentation do I need?
All drivers (including any additional drivers) have to be in possession of a valid driver’s license.
3How long do I need to have held my driver’s license for to rent with Eurocars?
All drivers must have held a valid driver’s license for a minimum of 12 months to rent with Eurocars
4Do any special Terms or Conditions apply to my car rental?
To view our full terms and conditions please visit our Terms and Conditions page.
5Do you require a deposit to rent a car?
All rentals are fully paid by the renter in advance. In cases of long term rental, monthly arrangement is available.
6Can someone else drive the car that I rent?
Eurocars allows a second driver, for an extra charge depending on the rental duration. A valid driver license must be presented by the second driver.


1Can I reserve a car online?
Absolutely. Just select your dates, select the car you wish and complete the booking process. The rental car will be waiting for you when you arrive in Rhodes.
2Is there a credit card required for a reservations?
A credit card is not required for the reservation as there are other options for payment such as Paypal or Direct bank deposit. A valid credit card is required though for your car rental as guarantee.
3Will my credit card be charged when I make a reservation?
That depends on the payment system you choose. Your credit or debit card will be charged imminently after completing the online reservation if selecting Paypal as checkout method.
4Can I change or edit my reservation?
Please use the Contact Us form in order to inform us for any changes on your reservation. Please do so at least 72 hours before your rental date.
5Can I cancel my reservation with Eurocars?
Please inform us at least 72 hours before your rental date and ask for a cancellation. Please read or terms and conditions for details in booking cancellations.

Car Rental Rates

1Does Eurocars have the best rental rates?
As a company, Eurocars Rent a Car, strives to offer the lowest possible car rental rates. And we back this up with our Lowest Rate Promise. Eurocars also offers several discounts, you can check the out in our Car rental deals page.
2How is my car rental cost calculated?
Your total rental cost is calculated based on the information you add during the car reservation process. Your per-day rate can be influenced by your car rental location, time, day and total rental duration.
3Do you rent cars by the hour?
All cars are rented on a daily basis. Your rental car can be picked up in the morning and returned by the night or early in the next morning. Extra hours fee will be charged if the car drop-off is delayed.
4Is it cheaper to rent a car during certain days or time of the month?
Car rental prices are very similar to airline ticket fares. Our rates change depending on car availability, location popularity and several other factors. The earlier you make your reservation, the more chances you can score the lowest possible rate.
5What rate will I pay if i decide to return my rental car earlier?
Eurocars pricing is based on the duration of the rental agreement during your reservation. Our prices vary depending on the lenght of your rental. So, if you return your car earlier or later than your set return date, it could affect your rates in either direction.
6Can I lease a vehicle from you?
Eurocars offers long term rentals for customers that need a car for an extended period of time. special rates on a monthly or yearly circle. As a long-term rental is defined any rental over 30 days up to a year. The more days, the lowest the per-day price.
7Is fuel included in the car rental price?
Fuel is not included in the rental price. You must return the car with the same amount of fuel as it was when you started your rental. Typically you will receive the car full, so you must return it back full. If you choose not to refuel the rental car, you will be charged the fuel cost plus a €20 refueling fee.
8Are there any fees if I delay the car return?
There is a 30 minute grace period for your car return. After the 30 minutes have passed hourly car charges will apply. If a period of 90 minutes has passed and the car is not returned a full day will be charged plus a €20 delay fee.


1What type of cars do you offer for rental?
Eurocars fleet contains all type of cars, starting from small city cars up to large SUVs, Multiseaters and 4x4s. You can check out Car Fleet page for details.
2Can I reserve a specific car model?
Typically yes, but not always. We will do our best that you get the specific car model you have asked for. Otherwise one of the similar category will be delivered. In the rare case that an availability arise, a car from a better category will be provided in the rate you've booked your rental car.
3Is smoking allowed in the car?
Eurocars operates on a strict non-smoking policy and any type of smoking (pipe, cigarette, cigar) is prohibited in all Eurocars vehicles. We will enforce a special cleaning charge to the renter if a returned vehicle requires special treatment to remove any evidence of smoking.
4Can I change the drop-off location once I've picked up the car?
Yes, changing the drop off location is possible. Please let us know in advance. Extra charges apply when dropped off outside Rhodes City limits depending on location.
5Can I extend my rental beyond the original planned date?
Absolutely. Please let us know in advance by contacting our booking department by telephone on +30 22410 22816.
6Do you permit pets in the rental car?
Household pets are allowed to travel in your rental car, just as they do in your personal car. Although Eurocars Car rentals doesn't assess an extra fee for pets, pet owners will incur an additional charge for any damage caused by animals, or any special cleaning required as a result of shedding or accidents.
7What should I do if any problem occurs with my car?
Before starting the car, give your self a few moment to familiarize with it. Check where the A/C, handbreak, lights, gears, windshield wipers etc. are as it might prove very dangerous looking for when driving. In the unlikely event that an emergency light illuminates on your car panel, don’t ignore it. Let us know imminently by calling your local rental agent emergency phone. If you happen to lock your keys out of the vehicle, lose your keys or run out of gas, or battery dies because of misuse, a service charge will be applied depending on the nature of the incident.

Payment Options

1Can I pay with cash?
Absolutely. You can pay with cash, credit card or direct bank deposit. For online or phone bookings a deposit via credit card, paypal or bank tranfer must be made in advance.
2May I prepay my car rental?
All car rentals must be fully pre-paid when you collect the car.
3What credit / debit cards do you accept?
All major credit or debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and diners are accepted for your reservation. A valid credit card or AMEX is required for your rental as guarantee.
4Can I use another persons credit card?
You may use a credit card issued to another name for paying your reservation. A valid credit card in the name of the driver must be used as guarantee though.
5More questions?
Please do not hesitate using ourContact Form or calling us in case we have left something unanswered. It will be our pleasure informing you about all your car rental details.