1. MINIMUM AGE for renting a Mini, Economy, Compact, and Standard Category cars is 21 years; for Premium and Minibus Categories minimum Renter Age is 25 years.

2. MINIMUM RENTAL DURATION is 24 hours. Every extra hour is billed at the 1/5 of the regular daily rate.

3. INSURANCE. The renter is liable up to the total value of the Eurocars Car Rentals vehicle in case of theft or accident. The renter pays for damage or the theft of the car regardless of who is at fault. Third party insurance is included in all rentals.

4. COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW): By paying the full insurance fee, the renter's liability is limited to €500-€700 depending on car model, as long as the damage is not a result of the traffic code violation.

5. FULL DAMAGE WAIVER (FDW): For an additional €10.00 per day insurance excess waiver is obtained.

6. THEFT WAIVER (TW) is offered at the charge of € 3.00 per day.

7. PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE (PAI): Personal Accident Insurance can be obtained covering the driver for a charge of €4.00 per day,

8. Regardless of whether CDW has been accepted or not, the renter is reliable for the full repair of the damages he may have caused to the undercarriage, the top of the car, the antenna, the mirrors and the tires. Damage caused by incorrect fuel, breach of the rental agreement's terms and conditions or if the damages were due to violations of the Greek Traffic Law, or damages caused by Renter's own negligence, are payable by the Renter in full.

9. TRAFFIC FINES: Renter is liable for any tickets and administrative sanctions resulting from traffic and parking violations during the rental period.

10. FUEL consumption is payable by the renter. Renter is responsible for returning the vehicle at the same fuel level as received and indicated on the rental agreement. For any amount of missing fuel upon conclusion of rental, Renter will be billed an €20.00 fuel service surcharge in addition to the cost of missing fuel. Excess fuel left in the tank is not reimbursable.

11. CAR CLEANLINESS: The vehicle is delivered in a very clean condition. If upon return inspection the car is found to have an excessive amount of dirt, dust, sand, soaked or salted seats, garbage, or general unsanitary conditions, Renter will be billed for car restoration and professional cleaning service.

12. BABY SEATS and ROOF RACKS are available on request for a daily charge.

13. NO SHOW EVENT: A NO SHOW event occurs when Renter does not claim vehicle at the arranged place and time. Vehicles are held for a maximum of two (2) hours past appointment time at Eurocars Rentals Main Office and for thirty (30) minutes past appointment time for any other location. If the hold period elapses and the Renter has not claimed the vehicle, Renter will be billed for the first day of rental plus any applicable delivery charges. In a NO SHOW event, Renter forfeits the rest of the Rental and releases Eurocars Car Rentals of any claim or obligation.

14. SECURITY: A valid major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) in the name of the driver must be presented as guarantee for the car rental. In the event that the Renter fails to present a valid major credit card (debit and prepaid cashcards are not accepted), or the credit card lacks sufficient funds, the Car Rental Agent has the right to refuse to release the vehicle to Renter. In such an instance, no funds paid will be reimbursed. Furthermore, the Renter forfeits any claim for said funds, and releases Eurocars Car Rentals of any legal or financial claim pertinent to this Car Rental Agreement and Transaction.

15. CANCELLATION POLICY: If Renter wishes to cancel his or her booking, Renter must provide ample advance notice of intent to cancel reservation AT LEAST SEVENTY-TWO (72) hours before the scheduled appointment date and time. Cancellations less than 72 hours prior to scheduled vehicle pickup will be considered as a No-Show Event and Renter will be billed for the first day of the rental.

16. All prices shown on our website or flyers can be changed with no previous notice.

*Passengers of the Vehicle are considered as Third Party as well for insurance purposes.

*Any of the above terms and conditions is subject to change without notice. Your final Terms of Agreement are stated on your rental agreement